Hong Kong Markets – Kowloon City Wet Market


In Asia Talk’s ongoing series about the continent’s best markets, we next highlight Kowloon City Wet Market in Hong Kong which has been ranked tenth in a CNN Travel survey of the world’s best fresh food markets.

This facility raises the bar in a metropolis known for the quantity and quality of its wet markets. The freshness of the produce for sale makes conventional supermarkets appear guilty of crimes against cuisine.

Newly caught and newly picked is the key: fish swim around in tanks; crabs and lobsters with their claws secured eye shoppers nervously; and an abundance of vegetables transported from the farms of the New Territories and China pack the myriad of stalls.

The building consists of three floors, with the first two dedicated to the massive wet market, while the third is home to food outlets.  A wide variety of local delicacies are on offer including Hong Kong-style breakfasts and food from further afield such as spicy Thai curries. Kowloon has a large Thai population and they have brought superb home cooking to this market with dishes that can rival the best of Bangkok’s street stalls! Kowloon City Wet Market is situated at 100 Nga Tsin Wai Road, Kowloon.

Source: destination-asia

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