Asian Markets – Luang Prabang Market

In Asia Talk’s ongoing series about the continent’s best markets, we next highlight Luang Prabang Night Market situated in the former capital of Laos. The UNESCO-listed city is a hybrid of French Indochinese architecture and Theravada Buddhist temples and is framed by a magnificent mountain backdrop.

The market offers the best collection of handicrafts in the country. It is located along the Sisavangvong Road, near the Royal Palace Museum, and every evening a kilometer-long stretch of road is closed to vehicle traffic and turned into a walking and shopping street. Over 300 vendors set up stalls every night to sell handicrafts made by local hill tribe groups including antiques, ceramics, textiles, paintings, shoes, silver, bags, duvet covers, cushion covers and pillow sets.

The products are very competitively priced and shoppers will be pleased to know their purchases will enable the families of local craftsmen and traders to earn a sustainable living and escape poverty. The market is also a great place to try local cuisine with firm Lao favorites such as BBQ chicken and sticky rice on offer. The Night Market is open from 7pm-11pm.

Source: destination-asia

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