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Exploring Asia can feel daunting, not just because of the vast continent but also because despite each country's relative proximity, the region comprises places with diverse cultures and languages. For travelers from the U.S, it is already quite a journey getting there, traveling through the continent can certainly be a great challenge. This daunting challenge is exactly what makes a cruise of the region a perfect way for both casual travelers and first-timers to sample the various Asian destinations.

As you sail to the intriguing destinations across Asia, we also offer a variety of special tours that allow you to participate in unique events and experiences to embrace the diverse cultures and historic traditions that these far eastern countries have to offer.

Sailing Date(s): Sep 21, 2013
Destination: Anchorage, Alaska | Sapporo, Japan | Vladivostok, Russia | Busan, South Korea | Qingdao, China | Dalian, China | Beijing, China

19 Days

Cruise Details
Sailing Date(s): Mar 29, 2014
Destination: Beijing, China | Busan, South Korea | Nagasaki, Japan | Shanghai, China | Hong Kong, China | Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam | Singapore | Bangkok, Thailand

24 Days

Cruise Details
Sailing Date(s): Jul 23, 2013
Destination: Tokyo, Japan | Osaka, Japan | Kagoshima, Japan | Taipei, Taiwan | Hong Kong, China

11 Days

Cruise Details
Sailing Date(s): Apr 18, 2014
Destination:Hong Kong, China | Xiamen, China | Kochi, Japan | Osaka, Japan | Tokyo, Japan

11 Days

Cruise Details
Sailing Date(s): Apr 11, 2014
Destination: Singapore | Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam | Nha Trang, Vietnam | Da Nang/Hue ,Vietnam | Hong Kong, China

11 Days

Cruise Details

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