Free Tours in Taipei!

Transit or transfer passengers with 7 to 24 hours before their next connecting flight, and who have a valid R.O.C visa or eligible for visa-exempt entry can now participate a half day tour in Taipei for FREE!!

You can go to for a complete list of visa-exempt entry countries.  Citizens from India, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia who hold a valid visa or permanent residency to US, Canada, Japan, UK, Australia or New Zealand can also apply for visa-exempt entry by registering on the National Immigration Agency’s website and use the confirmation to participate the free trip.

Tour Schedule:

from Terminal 1: 8:15AM – 1:00PM, 1:45PM – 6:30PM
from Terminal 2: 8:00AM – 1:00PM, 1:30PM – 6:30PM

Morning tour visits: Sanxia & Zushi Temple, Yingge Old Street

Afternoon tour visits: Longshan Temple, Presidential Office Building, Chiang Kai-shek memorial Hall, Martyrs’ Shrine, Taipei 101.

1. Each tour is limited to 18 passengers on first come, first serve basis.
2. There is no room for luggage on bus. All luggage must be stored at airport baggage service counter with a fee.

Tour registration & Pick up:

Tourist Service Center, Airport Arrival Lobby
TEl: 03-398-2194 or dial 2194 or 3341 from airport’s courtesy phone.

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