China Travel Tips

Travel Health:

We recommend you visit your doctor for any medication you may require, as some medications may not be available in China. Vaccination is not required for China trip. Note that not all the tap water in China is drinkable. The hotel/ship will offer a complimentary bottle of water per person/per day, but you can buy bottled water everywhere. Travel insurance is also recommended.


Each passenger is allowed 1 piece of free checked luggage of 44lbs for China domestic flight. In addition, a passenger is allowed 1 shoulder bag and 1 carry-on bag that cannot exceed 5kg (11 lbs) in weight and dimensions of 55cm (21 inches) in length, 40cm (15 inches) in width and 20cm (7 inches) in height. If you have extra pieces of checked luggage, or overweight luggage, you may be charged an excess baggage fee. All checked luggage is required to be locked while traveling on China domestic flights. No bottled water & alcohol allowed in carry-on bag. You must put liquor bottle in the checked baggage.

Money and Credit Cards:

Renminbi is China's currency (RMB or called Yuan). The present exchange rate is around US $1= RMB6.3. Travelers checks are recommended, but some smaller hotels/banks might not accept them, so please take some cash with you. The Bank of China has branch offices or exchange desks at all hotels, airports and big department stores. All major credit cards are accepted at most hotels, and big restaurants & department stores. ATMs are also available in most major cities in China.


China’s electrical system operates on 220 volts and many hotel rooms have fitted 2 and 3 phase sockets. Mmost of the modern electronic appliances can operate in the range of 110-240 volts, but still double check to see if you may need a transformer and/or adapter.

Phone Service in China:

If your family or friends want to reach you from USA, they can dial 011 + 86 (China code) + City Code + hotel phone/fax number. If you need to make lots of phone calls during your stay in China, please contact us for China Cell Phone rental service, which is very convenient and inexpensive.
Internet is available at all hotels (some free and some charge by hourly or daily usage). So, laptops can be used anywhere. Or, you can also use hotel & cruise business center for online service. (it is charged by hour/day usage)


Some shopping stop might occur on daily tour routing. If you do not wish to shop, or, have special request for shopping, please talk to your tour guide, so that he/she could adjust tour schedule or arrange it for you.