Singapore – Race still on track

The Singapore Grand Prix is to remain on the Formula One calendar for another five years after organizers agreed a new five-year deal with the sport’s governing body.

The race is hugely popular with the motor industry, tour operators and motivation companies. Singapore reportedly enjoyed an average 400,000 race visitors each year for the five years to 2012.

The new five year agreement will likely see a change in the track layout and a few other refinements but the night race timing and venue will remain in late September each year, with the actual race on a Sunday evening.

The event is the only night time race on the F1 calendar, and to enable visibility the 5.7 km Marina Bay circuit is lit up by 1,500 halogen lamps, giving a luminosity of 3,000 lux which is bright as daylight.

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Source: destinationa-asia

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