Beijing – 798 reasons to visit

A new China & Asia Travel Service’s Beijing half-day tour titled “The Art of Shopping Beijing” takes guests to the capital city’s cutting edge 798 art district, an area with an abundance and eclectic mix of art museums, gallery spaces, public art and a profusion of shops.

Political, cultural, and economic combustion created 798’s edgy, fascinating contemporary art scene and the area is currently undergoing another transformation as more young innovative furniture and fashion designers set up shop in the series of Bauhaus-inspired electronics factories and warehouses.

Boutique fashion stores stock both local and international designers, and local jewelry and furniture designers have utilized the factory spaces to great effect in showcasing their wares. The site is home to a sprawling disused 50 year-old electronics factory built by East Germans that is now a melting point of creativity, earning it comparisons with New York’s Greenwich Village.

Whether to browse or buy, this tour of a sprawling neighborhood of Communist-era factories takes guests to an area that reflects the modern face of creative China.


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