Huangshan (Yellow Mountain)

A World Heritage Site, Huangshan is one of China's, most famous mountain ranges.

Located on the Southern bank of the Yangtze in Anhui province, Huangshan has greatly influenced traditional Chinese landscape painting. It has attracted many scholars and historical figures as the scenery here inspired many great painters in history. Pine trees are one of the “Four Splendors”of Huangshan. Almost every rock has a pine tree growing out of its crevice.

Another splendor of the mountain is the strange rock formations. These rocks have inspiring names such as Monkey Gazing at the Sea, Aquirrel Leaping up to the Peak and the Rock of Flower From Afat. Huangshan's “ Sea of Clouds ” provides a splendid view, Huangshan is enveloped by fog and clouds most of the year. Looking above, the clouds drifting around the mountain resemble a still sea which rolls and tosses, showing and hiding the beautiful peaks now and then.