Shibaozhai is one of a highlight of the Yangtze River cruise. From the dock this magnificent structure majestically stands above its surroundings. The pagoda was built against the rocks; so only three walls were man-made. One of the first things you will notice about this pagoda is that its windows are round, which is unique for a pagoda. Also, the temple walls are painted in red with colorful decorations. The pagoda has 12 stories of which, only 3 are higher than the rock itself while the remaining ones are built against it. The entrance gate is truly a masterpiece in architecture, style and colors.

When the Three Gorges Dam is completed, the water level will reach the lower parts of the temple. Inside the pagoda there are markings of where the future water level will be. There are plans to rebuild the pagoda on higher grounds or to build a wall around the base of the pagoda to protect it against the rising water level.