Asian Markets – Or Tor Kor Market

In Asia Talk’s ongoing series about the continent’s best markets, we next highlight Bangkok’s Or Tor Kor Market which has been ranked the fourth best market in the world by CNN Go.

Preceded in global terms only by La Boqueria Market in Barcelona; Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo; and Union Square Farmer’s Market in New York City, Or Tor Kor is a feast for the senses with an abundance of exotic food for sale.

High-quality agricultural products include fruits and vegetables that are unique to Thailand; processed foods including curry paste and salted fish; and ready-to-eat Thai delicacies such as pandan custard bread and spicy hot Thai red and green curries, as well imported specialties from across Asia.

A visit to Or Tor Kor Market is a great way for visitors to Thailand to experience how markets play a major role in Thai community life, while also highlighting the close relationship Thai people have with the kingdom’s rich agricultural heritage.

After a busy time perusing the stalls, visitors can enjoy a delicious and inexpensive meal at the popular food court with ready-to-eat meals of all varieties, including steamed fish curry custard, som tam, stir-fried vegetable dishes, deep-fried fish, and grilled prawns among the most popular on offer.

Source: destination-asia

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