Thailand – Heavyweight contest

Some of the world’s largest competitors will showcase their skills in the sports of football, tug-of-war, and physical combat in the Thai province of Surin in November.

Weighing as much as 5,000-kg apiece, the elephant participants will also showcase their more sensitive nature with a beauty pageant, a table arrangement contest, followed by an elephant buffet with a table virtually collapsing under the weight of a jumbo feast.

The events are all part of the annual Surin Elephant Round-up scheduled for November 14-to-25, with special elephant shows to be staged on November 17 and 18.

Surin province is famous globally for the successful raising and domestication of thousands of elephants, as well as conservation efforts. The event is both fun and educational, with displays of how elephants are raised and related rituals. It also aims to promote local culture and customs by exhibiting the close bond between the animals and the people of Surin.


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