Beijing National Museum Expansion

The National Museum in Beijing has become one of the capital’s biggest cultural draws following a USD$380 million refurbishment that gained it recognition as the world’s largest museum.

Located at the Eastern end of Tiananmen Square, the museum has over 200,000 sq-m of display space and a collection of over one million cultural relics spread over an area the size of 27 football fields. The attraction presents China’s 5,000-year civilization in an expansive structure that has overtaken the Louvre in Paris as the largest museum on the planet.

Cutting-edge imported technology helps to showcase exhibits set across 40 halls that include the permanent “Ancient China” and “The Road to Rejuvenation” exhibitions, alongside multiple categories of displays related to seasonal exhibitions and international exchange exhibitions. A current exhibition titled “Masks: Beauty of the Spirits” gives a fascinating insight into the use of masks in social and political life in different cultures across the world.

Source: destination-asia

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