North Korea Tours

About DPRK

The DPRK stands for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (commonly known as “North Korea”). Following World War II and subsequently the Korean War, the Korean Peninsula was divided into North and South and remains divided along the 38th parallel.

The DPRK is a country slightly smaller than the size of Mississippi and inhabited by approximately 24 million people. The Juche philosophy is the official state ideology which aimed at developing self-reliance, initiated by the country's first President, Kim Il-sung. With the change in political direction, North Korea has become increasingly isolated and is seen as one of the most difficult countries to get a tourist visa for.

Can U.S. citizens travel to North Korea?

U.S. citizens are permitted to travel to North Korea. There are no restrictions from either government as to travel to the DPRK by U.S. citizens. Furthermore, the State Department allows U.S. travel service providers to organize group travel to North Korea.

Is it safe to travel to the DPRK?

Our local office have been safely bringing tourists from US for the past 10 years. The DPRK boasts a very low crime rate and in our experience, the DPRK does feel very safe. There have been no reported thefts or incidents on any the tours and our local guides will always take good care of the tourists to ensure the safety and well-being.

Despite recent political events, tourism is not affected. Currently, the situation is stable and everyday life for North Koreans has not changed much.

When are the best times to travel to the DPRK?

Although travel is encouraged all year-round, April (for Kim Il Sung’s birthday anniversary) and August (for the Arirang Mass Games) are the most festive and popular times to visit North Korea.