The Yangtze River

Yangtze River is the longest river in Asia and the third longest river in the world. Yangtze River is also known as the cradle of Chinese civilization. Located in central China. It begins on the Qinghai-Tibet plateau at 18,750 feet above sea level and flows 3900 miles to Shanghai, where it empties into the East China Sea and the Yellow Sea. This makes it the longest river in China as well as the third longest river in the world, just shorter than the Amazon and the Nile.

From west to east, the river winds through many spectacular sceneries, The Three Gorges being one of the highlights. When entering the three gorges in the day time you will cruise through steep, scenic gorges and view historical sites such as the 2000-year –old hanging coffins of the Ba people and an ancient plank walk way carved on the side of the cliff. Enjoy the biggest Dam project in the world and pass through the 5 steps ship lock at the Three Gorges Dam. After that, pass by the city of Jinzhou , an ancient city with a history of 3000 years, see the ancient city wall or a local museum where you even can see a 2000 years old mummy which is still well preserved. You will then arrive in the city of Wuhan , the biggest city in Central China, and also the capital city of Hubei province, visit Hubei 's provincial museum with its many historic artifacts including a collection of ancient bells.

You can enjoy the unique experience by taking the cruise sailing through the Three Gorges with various 5-star cruise ships. All cruise tours can be customized to fit your time and budget. You can also combine the cruise tour with other China city tours to make you China experience more complete.

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